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Undergraduate Liberal Studies Program
(856) 225-6136

Program Director:
Dr. Richard Epstein, Department of English

Assistant Dean
Jennifer Thiel, Office of Academic Advising
(856) 225-6043

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Academic Advising

At Rutgers-Camden we place a high value on academic advising. We will help you design and implement a program that meets your needs.

Academic advising occurs in two ways:

  1. Students meet with the Office of Academic Advising for transfer evaluation questions and general education questions. This office can help if you know your schedule and need only to register for classes. The Liberal Studies contact person is 
    Assistant Dean
    Jennifer Thiel
    (856) 225-6043
  2. Students meet with their program director for advising in their major. The contact person for Liberal Studies is 
    Dr. Richard Epstein, Director 

Below is additional information about advising prepared by the Rutgers-Camden Office of Student Affairs.

Once you have been accepted and have decided to matriculate at Rutgers-Camden, your transcript evaluation will be completed and will be posted to your Rutgers University Transcript. You can click on the following link, login using your social security number and your enrollment pathway pin# (that you created when you applied for admission), and view your unofficial transcript online. (Link to your transfer evaluation.) You may also want to print the evaluation for your records.

Advising Through Student Affairs 
If you choose to schedule an appointment in the Office of Student Affairs, the Assistant Deans will meet with you for academic advising, course registration, and transfer evaluation questions. This office handles all general academic advising and general education requirement advising. Please call 856-225-6043 to schedule an appointment. (Liberal Studies majors should ask for Dean Nancy Gulick.)

Advising in Your Major 
If you have completed all of your general education requirements, have no questions about your evaluation, you are ready to be advised by your major department. You can contact your academic department or program directly for an appointment. Liberal Studies majors should see Dr. Richard Epstein, 856-225-6117

If you make an appointment, it is extremely important that you arrive on time and bring with you all material needed for the appointment which can be printed out from the following links:

  1. Your transcript and transfer evaluation – available at:
  2. Your general education and major requirement checklists – available at:
  3. A tentative schedule of courses – taken from the online schedule of courses:

You should use these sites to tentatively plan a schedule prior to your arrival. It will assist in making your registration smother and quicker.

Registering for Classes
Registering for classes is the next step in the process. You can register for classes through online registration (webreg), by making an appointment with an advisor in your major, and/or by making an appointment with an Assistant Dean in the Office of Student Affairs. See the links below for helpful information regarding advising and registration for all students.

Web Registration
If you choose web registration, click on the link: The student number is currently your social security number and the personal access code is the month and day of your birth (4 digits using zeros – mmdd). This link will also take you to the schedule of classes – just choose camden and the subject. Red classes are closed, green classes are open. Online registration allows students the opportunity to register at their convenience for courses.

Along with online registration comes student responsibility to register for the correct courses in the correct sequence necessary to meet graduation requirements in the time students have planned. Should you choose to register online without the assistance of an advisor, then you are solely responsible for your schedule and the Office of Student Affairs will not assume responsibility for incorrect, repeated or unnecessary courses. ALL STUDENTS ARE WELCOME AND ENCOURAGED to contact the Office of Student Affairs for advising, even after you have registered, to review your schedule, review your transfer evaluation and ensure that you are making progress toward your degree.

Helpful Links for Registering for Courses and Advising Appointments:
List of Majors, Minors and degree requirements (including general education) – also contains links to all academic departments with contact information:

Online Schedule of Courses:

Online Course Registration:

View of your official Rutgers Transcript online – to see your transfer credit evaluation completed:

To create a netid (needed to access many Rutgers services):

Information about the Office of Student Affairs:

DIRECTIONS to the Campus: