“I am currently a senior at Rutgers University majoring in Criminal Justice, and the Liberal Studies Program has offered many courses to help expand my knowledge on all sorts of interests I have. The program has helped me better my reading and writing skills, which is super important to my major. . . . Whether you are looking to expand your skills, get credits towards your degree, or simply find something you love, the Liberal Studies Program at Rutgers is the best decision you could make.”

–Elizabeth De’Jarnette, class of 2023



“The Liberal Studies major at Rutgers University is a tremendous opportunity for any college student to discover themselves and their relationship to the world around them. It’s comprehensive and challenging. You can’t graduate without at least one semester’s worth of classes that get you out of your comfort zone as a student, and it’s often those courses that are the most memorable. The professors are top-notch . . . but the best part about being a Liberal Studies student is that no matter what you go on to do after college, the major will get you there by teaching you how to express yourself at the highest level, think critically, and take responsibility for being a force for change after you graduate. I will miss my time in class enormously next year, and I envy any new student just now coming into the Liberal Studies program at Rutgers University.” 
–Steven Johnson, class of 2023



“The Liberal Studies program facilitated a positive, productive learning experience, and the development of my collaborative and organizational skills.  I learned the benefit of participation and engagement and the value of an open dialogue managed by creative and knowledgeable mentors.

This program, through thought-provoking and invigorating conversation, taught me the value of our commonalities and sameness, and vulnerability about our differences. Liberal Studies is not a trendy, fancy label. It is where conversations and changes begin, and the expression of ideas that move the world forward.”

–Joanne Mozitis, class of 2023



When I started my Academic Career at Rutgers, I enrolled with the intent to pursue my degree in Business. Along the way for many reasons, my goal of reaching my undergrad degree seemed to get further and further away. During a session with my academic advisor, I asked her what I needed to do to get me out of here (Rutgers), in the shortest time possible.  She recommended Liberal Studies. Although I was reluctant, I decided to give this major that I had no idea what it was about a try. The experience has been phenomenal. . . . Liberal Arts and Sciences combined all of the things I like to do into a major and allowed me to explore so many topics that were always of interest of me while teaching me diversity and cultural sensitivity.  As prospective students, if you are wondering “but what can I do with this degree?” let me tell me a little of what I learned I can do with my degree. My professional career is in Information Technology in a Hospital setting.  With my newfound knowledge, I am able to apply and improve my skills set in my current profession. . . . I am able to approach projects with new insight as I have a better understanding of how the world has evolved through time. . . . These skills are what employers are looking for.”

–Brenda Devarie, class of 2022 



“With the flexibility of the Liberal Studies program, I was also able to focus on a specific concentration. I chose humanities, which was one of many options. . . . I was able to take courses, specifically in writing and film, that built off of prior courses I had taken at either Brookdale, or previous semesters at Rutgers. This degree, with the Rutgers-Brookdale partnership, allowed me to transfer to Rutgers with my associate’s degree, and get my bachelor’s in 2 years. . . . I’m hoping to use my degree to help me get a writing job, specifically as a screenwriter. With my degree, I see it helping immensely in my professional career, in part due to the overall topics the Liberal Studies program covers, and the high reputation Rutgers carries. . . . The professors I had during my time were also unique compared to other college professors I’ve had in the past; they were all very knowledgeable and dedicated to the topics they taught, which made being a student in these classes very enjoyable.”

–Joseph Velba, class of 2022



“The Liberal Studies Program at Rutgers . . . gave me fundamental knowledge on how to communicate, understand and lead a group of individuals in today’s world. I have utilized and applied many elements I have learned from the English/Writing, Music, Business, and Math departments. Due to all the research and writing tools I have learned, I have been able to defend and properly document my stand on certain topics as a professor in the Surgical Technology Program at Berkeley College, Eastwick College, and in the New Jersey State Assembly for Surgical Technologist. I am very thankful that Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey gave me such an amazing opportunity to get a college degree in the heart of one of the most diversified programs in the state!”

–Yara Zapata-Gamez, class of 2019



“My focus was to earn a degree and start earning money in a professional career. I didn’t have a specific career in mind, but I knew a bachelor’s degree would open doors and give me the background for a wide variety of positions. It did all those things. . . . Less than ten years after graduating from Rutgers I was a project manager in the largest ballroom in New York City. I led an audio-visual production team and ran events for former United States presidents and top entertainers. The job involved direct customer service and liaison with clients for multi-million dollar international shows and meant supervision of union technicians who set up and dismantled audio/visual support for conferences, award shows, meetings, and fundraisers.”

–Tim Lavigne, class of 2008