Complete in 2-4 years

The Liberal Studies Program at Rutgers–Camden creates opportunities for students to leverage their previous professional experience or academic credentials to earn their bachelor’s degree in an efficient way. If you have an associate’s degree or significant transferable credits from another institution, you can earn your degree in just two years through the Liberal Studies major.


Flexible to your interests

Liberal Studies is an extremely flexible major that allows students to pursue their studies in humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences by creating their own pathway through the curriculum based on their own interests.


Classes Online or in-person

Because the only two required courses, Mastering the Liberal Arts I & II, are offered online, it is possible to finish the program completely online, depending on course offerings within the student’s chosen concentration.


Advance or change your career

The Liberal Studies program meets the needs of students who seek the improved career potential afforded by a bachelor’s degree. The program can prepare students for advancement in their current field, possible career change, or graduate-level study.